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Thread: Short Speed day

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    Re: Short Speed day

    Hopefully you'll notice some things being more effective than others as movements and performance begin to stabilize from these inducements. I would say there has been much improvement since you made us aware of her talents some 3+ years ago here and on other forums.

    Had a few of our athletes reviewing a good deal of the journey K. has traveled to-date. Best of fortunes are wished for both ahead. Now if I can help Amanda with some things...

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    Re: Short Speed day

    Quote Originally Posted by rich121 View Post
    I have gotten a lot of advice, both here, private messaging and elsewhere, from many people I respect.


    With what can be quite difficult for me to understand at times, I have tried my best... mistakes will surely be made, but again, I am doing my best.
    The first sentence I left up makes it hard to figure out what to do, but I also have a huge amount of respect for the second point. You've got a talented daughter and want her to do well, so keep doing what you're doing Rich! It seems to me like you are doing a good job.

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