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Thread: optimal angle for for thigh

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    optimal angle for for thigh

    What is considered, if it exists, an ideal thigh angle during max v in relation to the ground? I reckon that it would be impossible for a sprinter to focus or even deliberately achieve this angle. Of course muscle memory from repetition, strength levels, etc play a role. But what is the aim, if you will? We become more flexible, stronger, and tweak our mechanics to an end. What is that end as it relates to the thigh angles during max v?

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    Re: optimal angle for for thigh

    knee 90deg off your center line - or, the furthermost from your center line.
    It relates to You, not the track.

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    Re: optimal angle for for thigh

    Thanks Bold for making light work of a well-thought out question. I just remember a thread that spoke of how the hip height can be impacted once the height of the thigh goes past an optimal point.

    Thanks again

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