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I guess the difference in understanding is in the semantics. I think CF argued against more aggressive single leg plyos like box jumps up / down, as the amount of danger outweighed the amount of improvement you'd see from the activity. There is a big risk differential between relatively innocuous multi-jump type activities such as one foot hops, LLRR hops, and something like single leg box jumps.
I agree 100% with your comments regarding CF's beliefs on plyos. It was a risk reward point he was making and he was, just as you say, referring not so much to bounding type of exercises but rather, IIRC, the single leg jumps down/one leg hurdle hops ala L. Christie and other similarly intense unilateral jumps. I only brought up CF's use of bounds/skips because of the above question about him possibly avoiding power skips etc. which we know he did in include in at least one of his written programs. Maybe Ange can comment as well.