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Thread: Soccer skill importance

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    Re: Soccer skill importance

    Sounds good. Charlie principles are sound proof. I have notice my body performs better when all hi intensity elements are done on the same day unless it's in the gpp phase. Same goes for weight lifting circuits - after studying my hrv scores/readiness I notice the circuits twice per week wasn't helping under my current situation etc. No weights for me on tempo days.

    Quote Originally Posted by lr1400 View Post
    I play recreation flag football and this is what I do:

    Use a rolling training template
    Have (2) low intensity/ext tempo days - let your body gauge how much volume to do, you do 3000m in a session preseason but to maintain during the time frame you are playing games go with 1000-2000m. Integrate pool or general endur circuits when needed.
    Have (2) high days - one accel emphasis, one speed emphasis.

    I do routes and db drills, medball, plyo, and lower body (if I actually do lower body) on the hi days in addition to sprint reps.
    I do upper on the low days almost all year long.

    When playing a game drop one of the hi days.

    The BIGGEST key imo is......when you just don't feel like doing something DON'T! If I am mentally not ready to do lower body weights I just skip it. I have noticed no lack of performance and in fact play faster in games than I did a year ago.

    I credit James smith with this template and plan.

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    Re: Soccer skill importance

    Quote Originally Posted by Flash View Post
    The only one who can answer these questions is you. It relates to fatigue management, and only you can make that judgment. You have to figure it out as you go along based on general principles. Begin with a very conservative program and see how you respond. Tweak the schedule as needed. Until you actually implement some plan and do it, this is just an exercise in mental masturbation that will lead to paralysis by analysis.

    The late Jack Kilby, who invented the integrated circuit had a great piece of advice for engineers, build a product and sell it. Don't wait until you're at version 10,000.0 to release it. Same thing with athletes and coaches. Put together a simple, conservative program and do it. Make adjustments as you go.
    Yeah good point. I'll get on with this new routine.
    I just want to be me. The best me that I can be.

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