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Thread: Diet For Reducing Bodyfat

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    Re: Diet For Reducing Bodyfat

    Keto headache is different to a normal headache. It's not very bad, and is typically only short lived. One needs to drink a lot more water more often, which is probably more of the deal of where the headache lies, dehydration.

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    Re: Diet For Reducing Bodyfat

    -here's a couple short videos where a jamaican 400m hurdles champ, isa phillips talks some about his primarily fruit diet and some of his training phases.
    -in video 2 at the start he offers that he's predominantly on a vegetarian diet. At 0:40 he says he's also predominantly consuming fruit as well, and he must consume alot of it to get the required carbs, offering his example of 12-15 bananas for lunch. At 1:10 he offers he's predominantly following, but not entirely, the 80/10/10 ratio diet of primarily carbs. He goes on to allude that this diet is best for long term quality healthy life/longevity.

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    Re: Diet For Reducing Bodyfat

    -at 5:15 into this video an individual wants to build muscle and become physically fit, and heeding dr. morse advice on staying away from protein(animal), the individual wants to know which greens to consume to achieve desired results of increased muscle and strength.

    Dr. morse offers(from his detoxification health stance/position) to correct malabsorption, digestive problems, clearing acidosis from body, fixing weak kidneys and adrenals first. Then shifting to the greens of alphalpha sprouts and juices, salads, and avocadoes, to pack on strong muscles.

    Neurolymphatic massage video-

    -at 5:20 into video, once again from his health/vitality/detoxification stance, he offers proper food combination for fruit. That in which it is not to be combined with salads or anything, for each meal.

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