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Thread: Half Squat Vs. Full Squat

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    Half Squat Vs. Full Squat

    My guess is you can full squat 400pnds you can half squat 600 or maybe more. What is the difference for total amount is there any type of theory that would go into figuring this out. What was dr.squat thinking full squatting almost 1000 pnds at bodyweight of 190???

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    I don't know the theory on this, but my full squat (butt to ground) is about 2/3's my parallel squat. So that is about your guess.

    I remember that Charles Poliquin was asked this question in a t-mag interview and he said something about there was no hard and fast rule because "there are many ways to squat [parallel] without doing it right". Considering all of the stupid people at my gym, i think there is some truth to that.

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    i think that it's very individual. in some cases athletes have the strength to parrallel squat more but get afraid when they see it on the bar. this is why "walk-outs" can be helpful at times. they get a sense that can handle and lern to keep posture.

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    I think you gain about 10-25lbs for every inch of depth you lose

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    i think the amount lost is more related to limb length, but i think that your right about the 10-25 lbs per inch of depth with most people's thigh length.

    Re: fear of the bar

    I think that fear can play a lot into an athelete's ability to squat to parallel. If one misses on a bench press, the spotter can grab it. If one misses a squat, bad things usually happen...

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    Thatīs why I like to use a power rack when going heavy. It just gives that little psychological boost that I know nothing will happen when I miss this - I can leave it on the pins! Bad things DO NOT have to happen!

    I once spotted a guy in the gym (didnīt know him well, didnīt know how strong he was) in the squat. Canīt remember how much was on the bar - maybe 140 kg(ca. 300 lb) maybe more. He went deep and then - whoosh - before I knew it he ducked his head and let the bar go in front of him. Scary.

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    RE: spotting a heavy squatter

    Many years ago, I used to spot throwers during their squats (& bench). They would ask me to stand behind them, follow the motion of the squat, and if they needed a spot, I was simply to push back their chest! Their reasoning was to eliminate the forward rotation of the bar, so the squatter could just focus on moving UPWARDS and not forward (YIKES!)

    Of course, this was done in a squat rack with pins. I just prayed the squatter never threw the weghts backwards!

    Thoughts? Was I crazy?

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    Something else to consider when choosing your squats (I read this in an Ironman article a few years ago). When you squat to 1/4 depth or partial depths, your knees take a lot of pressure in slowing your descent, kind of like the fulcrum on a see-saw. When you squat to full depths the fulcrum (and most of the pressure) stays in the belly of your thigh muscles where it belongs making it easier on the knees. I have felt this myself doing full squats, and when I tried a partial squat felt pressure in the knees immediately. Maybe this is mental, it's hard to say for sure. I say, if you are having success with full or half squats don't change for the sake of changing. "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

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    fjlee, I would agree that the spotting technique you described works well, as long as one is always ready and does go down with the lifter as he/she squats. What happened to me was (a) I was young and inexperienced at the time, and (b) he wnet very deep and everything happened very very quickly.

    No, I donīt think you were crazy, and besides in a rack with pins, if they let the wieght drop (they canīt really throw it back) it will land on the pins.

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    What is the safest way to bail out on a squat??

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