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Thread: Sherone Simpson and asafa positive

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    Re: Sherone Simpson and asafa positive

    Quote Originally Posted by NFS View Post
    My bet is that Tyson was on growth hormone, mostly because most people think its undetectable, but I hear rumors that they can detect it up to 60 days now.

    GH should be banned because it's so expensive :P

    Effects of human growth hormone on body composition in elderly men.
    Rudman D, Feller AG, Cohn L, Shetty KR, Rudman IW, Draper MW.
    Department of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
    Well tyson was never positive for gh so i assume he wasnt on that

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    Re: Sherone Simpson and asafa positive

    Quote Originally Posted by sady View Post
    The only reason people use is to try and gain an advantage. Whatever happened to the level field
    And I take that as a good thing because it means that whatever endeavor that people are trying to gain an advantage, it's constantly being refined. If somehow the playing fields were kept level, then progress in that particular endeavor would cease because essentially you're stopping people from improving things.

    Besides, there will never be a fair playing field in sport simply because not everybody is born with the same genetics.

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    Re: Sherone Simpson and asafa positive

    Quote Originally Posted by Angela Coon View Post
    Level playing field?
    I think Sady that ship sailed a long time ago did it not? It's difficult to control many variables in sport outside the use off PED"s.
    You are making the assumption that someone or anyone running things wants a level playing field. Now what fun would there be with that? The consumers of the sport don't much care. They want faster , higher and stronger.... how you get there well that is up to the individual.
    Track is a perfect feeding ground for taking advantage of the not level playing field.... No parents are usually part of the kids track career, it's individual so no one person has too much power and the Merlene's of the world and the Usain's as well... what possible vested interest might either have in unifying for others coming up thru the ranks? ZERO would be the answer. And it is not either person's responsibility to help or educate a future population except maybe we might start thinking about giving back to a sport? I want to know some big name people " giving" back to track that might have had enough influence to manage and start a union in track ..... Name one. I can name paid coaches but I be we can't come up with too many not paid coaches trying to promote some change in our sport to make things different.
    Just my sense of humour. I hear of athletes at club level playing the mouse that can stay in front of the cat, doing their little bit to help the other mice.

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