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Thread: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

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    Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

    Hi all,

    Just starting a new thread since my training regiment will be significantly different than what I was doing in my last journal. I compete in college track and field. Freshman year I walked-on to my college's team as a sprinter, but, since I do not have great speed endurance or top speed, once my coach say me throw a tennis ball and found out that I could throw a javelin 160 feet with very little formal training my event got switched to the javelin. I will not be returning to the team until Spring 2014 where I will have sophomore eligibility. Until then, I am suppose to try and get up to a weight of 165 lbs and get very flexible to make up for my lack of size compared to the other javelin throwers in the league. I have trouble adding weight as far as adding bodyfat (can never get above 10%), though even if I don't eat very much, as my weights go up I definitely see muscular hypertrophy. I will especially be keying in on hypertrophy and stretching for the first month and will evolve my program from there depending on my needs (may try to compete in a Summer meet). The key for me will be to make sure that my weights are not plateauing and that I give significant time to stretching after workouts (flexibility is average with shoulder mobility a bit below average). I plan to use a pretty simple program to start, which I will be writing myself. I will outline some background info and my plan. As usual, any input or questions about what I'm doing would be much appreciated!

    sex: male
    age: 19
    height: 5'7"
    weight: 144 lbs
    bf%: ~5%
    latest max numbers:
    -bench 200
    -squat 385
    -power clean 250
    -snatch 160
    100m - 11.3h
    55m - 6.89
    60m - 7.43
    vertical jump - ~3'

    1 - off
    2 - lower
    3 - upper
    4 - yoga
    5 - lower
    6 - upper
    7 - yoga

    -will ice throwing shoulder every day after training. will take ibuprofen, too, after throwing sessions

    -5xpower clean
    hamstring curl (alt single leg negatives)
    calf raise
    -ankle dorsi-flexion, x-bandx20

    -5xbench, lat pull-down
    incline db bench
    (each) one arm row
    triceps ext
    (each) db biceps curl (alt)
    lateral raises
    incline flys
    shoulder press
    seated row
    bench dips
    bentover raise
    -shoulder complex (thumbs up raises, abduction/adduction, scarecrows), bandpulls, pullover stretchx20

    -will go 10,8,6 as far as reps go for major lifts, going week by week. will start with easy first set and move weight up accordingly over the five sets
    -2x10 lifts are really just beach lifts. wont go too heavy or really even keep track of weights for those. really just to get the volume i'll need for hypertrophy
    -x20 lifts are for injury prevention/stability. easy lifts to end the workout

    -after lifting, I will do ~500 reps of core, and then will stretch the corresponding body parts
    -on yoga days i'll get some blood flowing then will use yoga to improve my balance and ROM
    -I'll use the thrower's warm-up from my school before each workout and will do a couple athleticism checks (backflip, human flag) at some point each week (a major reason I was able to walk-on to the team was I proved to have some raw athleticism, so I think it's a good idea to maintain some of the skills I have that can help prove this)
    -after warm-up, before lifts, i will do 5 reps of each of the olympic lift catches. this is not only to improve my technique in them, but to work on hip, wrist and shoulder ROM

    (before Spring 2014 season)
    -gain 10 lbs
    -throw 185 ft
    (by end of Spring 2014 season)
    -weigh 160 lbs
    -throw 60m
    (down the road)
    -weigh 165 lbs
    -3xbw squat (495), 2xbw power clean (330), 1.5xbw bench (250)
    -throw 70m

    my previous journal can be found here:

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin


    weigh-in -> 144 lbs

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin


    -thrower's warm-up
    -acrobat checks
    front squat
    overhead squat
    snatch squat
    (full depth, 45 lbs)
    -5x10 power clean@135,145,145,145,145
    -5x10 squat@225,185,185,185,185
    hamstring curl (single leg negatives alt)
    calf raise
    ankle dorsi flexion
    each x-band
    -500 reps core
    -lower body and core stretch
    -15' ice r. shoulder

    -forgot how much it sucks to really try and eat a ton. i feel like dieting and being hungry is so much more comfortable than stuffing myself to the brink of vomiting. perhaps when my metabolism slows down i'll change my mind, haha
    -pushed the weights bit too hard. didn't really think about how enormous the volume for the workout was, really should've stayed at 135 for the cleans. doing 40 reps at 1x my bw really knocked my legs out, so i had to drop down weight in the squat. on the bright side, clean form is really beginning to improve, weight is starting to pop off my thighs and i'm getting a nice, full pull before my elbows bend. i will definitely consider lowering volume for the other lower body day this week, or at least i will definitely not go above 135 lbs for cleans

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin


    thrower's warm-up
    oly lift checks
    -lat pull-down@90,90,90,70,70
    -db incline bench
    -each single arm db bentover row
    -overhead db triceps ext
    -db biceps curl (alt)
    -lateral raise
    -db incline flys
    -each db shoulder press (alt)
    -seated row
    -bench dips
    -bentover raise
    -shoulder complex (thumbs-up raise, adduction/abduction, scarecrows)
    -band pulls
    -pullover stretch
    500 reps core
    stretch (upper, core)
    ice 15' r. shoulder

    -lots of lower body doms, mostly lower back and hamstrings
    -felt great going into workout, got fatigued and nauseous when i dropped weight on major lifts, felt re-energized for core, but got hammy cramp in middle

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

    I'm getting tired reading those workouts.....

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

    Quote Originally Posted by RB34 View Post
    I'm getting tired reading those workouts.....
    tb, one thing to consider for smaller guys trying to bulk up. Is calories in/out
    Most smaller guys hate or simply can't eat enough, and they try to do this with massive workouts.

    Consider keeping your workouts down to 30 min
    Full body, 2x week.

    Sounds insane, but, i train guys in this way all the time, and growth happens!

    Less volume = less calories out

    Only compound movements
    Chest, back, shoulders, legs
    30-45sec between sets

    Protein = 2g per 1kg, so around 130g day.
    Maybe keep a track via smartphone apps?

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

    I would suggest maybe looking at a workout more along the lines of a Starting Strength style program where you're only lifting 3 times a week but you're increasing the weight in a fairly linear fashion for each workout. If you search for Starting Strength WIKI there are a whole host of good bits of info for someone relatively new to weight training who's looking to put on a bit of mass and really increase strength numbers.

    In my opinion, when you're first starting out limiting the work so you can stay concentrated and motivated is a huge help. Doing Squats Bench and Deadlifts or Squats, Press and Cleans in alternating workouts is concentrated enough to keep you engaged but also a surprisingly effective complete workout if you're being honest with your form and numbers.

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

    hi guys, thanks for the responses.

    I generally would agree with all the things you're saying, but after a few years of training and training on my own (I trained myself my last two years of high school, and have been in both the sprinter and thrower groups at college, so i've seen a ton of variety in my training as far as the weight room goes), I think that what I am doing is the best route for me (short term) and that my program will move more towards what you guys are suggesting starting in april and that you may be misled by the amount of text that are in my posts. granted, i will definitely consider your input since i am pretty much writing my program weekly at this point (unsure of nearest competition, may not be until next spring)

    rb34, I agree I overdid volume in the workouts. keep in mind though, for exercises like squat or clean, I was lifting at about 50% of my max. and for the 2x10 stuff I wasn't even very close to failure. I've found that as far as muscular growth, I tend to respond much better to high volume, low intensity, at least while my fitness levels are low. the soreness is practically unbearable, but once I start doing technical work again (throwing drills) I will have to lower volume so that I am fresher for specific work. two weeks from now i plan to do 6 reps per set of the primary lifts so for squat it look something like this 5x6 squat@185,225,275,295,295. I just happen to not only be currently out of shape, but awful as far as reps go compared to maxes (put up 215 in the bench when I couldn't 3 rep 185 at a point)

    boldwarrior, ironically, that's what i've been telling many of the kids on my team who simply aren't adding muscle, yet eating more and moving less never seemed to work for me. for some reason, if i eat more than I need, I tend to just get an upset stomach and go to the bathroom much more often, I have a feeling my body just spits out what it doesn't need. I can barely add any bodyfat, even if i don't workout and eat as unhealthy and as much as i can, i never gain any belly fat. i recently began receiving treatment for a sleeping disorder, and since that has started, I've seen very quick gains in muscle mass, without eating nearly as much as before. what I will be curious to see is once I get up to the 150 lbs range (about the heaviest I've ever been) if I will continue to gain weight. also, as far as time spent in the gym, it usually looks like this for me:
    -bodybuilding phase 15' warm-up, 45' exercise, 15' cool-down
    -spp 30' warm-up, 1 hr event work, 1 hr exercise, 30' cool-down
    i know it look like a lot of volume, but its really just two lifts (with the first few being warm-ups, just at a high rep range and low fitness couldn't move weight up), 2 middle intensity circuits and a couple injury prevention exercises then core. could definitely fit it into 30' if i was diligent. and i actually am trying to stay away from just compound lifts because I tend to see lots of growth in my chest, back, quads but barely any in my limbs. even if just for aesthetics (i'm so far out of season anyways), i'm trying to even out my build
    I eat a lot anyways, naturally. i've never seen more results from eating more, but if i let myself ever be hungry, yes, i drop weight fast. so long as i keep my stomach from growling, i will tend to add or hold weight even. if i'm getting stronger and getting sore, i add muscle. if i'm not, i stay the same weight. i think making sure i'm constantly overloading/surprising my muscles is very important for me. whereas i didn't seem to respond to any speed work that my hs coach, colege coach or i gave myself, strength gains have always come very easy to me. just i also lose them very fast so the fact that i lift very light for most of the last 4 spring seasons mean i lose like 75% of my yearly gains each outdoor season. as a thrower, i bet this wont happen

    Janic, my lifting over the last 6 months or so actually sounds pretty similar to what you are saying. what i found, is i was consistently adding a couple pounds of weight every easier week (did 65%, 75%, 85%, 70%, 80%, 90%... type of pattern) but not in heavier weeks. i plan to up intensity linearly and to unload every 3rd or 4th week. i'm just starting april with some submax, high volume work because I usually see huge gains from it, but only if its done while my fitness levels are pretty low. as I get closer to doing specific work, I will move away from high volume and more towards looking to get some heavy weight on the bar with primary lifts. i also plateau if i don't unload, and i almost never see anything bu benefits from easy weeks, so long as the few before it were challenging

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin


    10' elliptical
    specific stretches
    ice r. shoulder 15'

    -man, yoga is gonna be perfect. my large muscles tend to be pretty flexible. my smaller, more concealed muscles however were definitely exposed in even the beginner poses
    -legs even more sore today. probably will take tomorrow almost as a recovery workout. chest and shoulders getting sorer as the day went on
    -its cool to see the muscular changes that occur after hard workouts. could see decreases and increases in muscle tone/size based off where they are in the recovery process. i already look more fit after just two workouts. could just be in my head, and the scale doesn't lie! broke 150 before bed one night, haven't seen it that high in ages and my bf% seems to be its lowest ever (can see striations in shoulders fairly easily). i'll be curious to see my morning weigh-in next week

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    Re: Gaining Mass/ROM for College Javelin

    occurred to me that i should probably include some more info about myself as far as to explain workouts

    only will lift 4x per week, 2x per upper/lower. if i lift a body section more than 2x per week, almost always is overkill. saw big gains only lifting heavy 1x per week full body and easy 2x fullbody per week

    recently got a diagnosis for narcolepsy. have struggled pretty severely with excessive daytime sleepiness for years and i live a pretty healthy lifestyle. everyone assumed i was just lazy, rude and bored when i would fall asleep in class, couldn't pay attention hen people talked to me, claimed i was hallucinating because i was so tired. academic success convinced people that i must be fine. exercise was my only cure until recently, it always seemed to wake me up a bit and feel better throughout the day in general. recently been prescribed methylphenidate (ritalin) to take. usual side effect is decreased appetite and weight loss, but my hunger increased and i am now gaining weight/muscle much easier. asked doctor about it, she said must e performance enhancing for me. i think i was so tired that exhaustion was preventing me from being hungry or gaining weight more than taking ritalin does. because it is being given to me for a disorder, i should be all set as far as ncaa drug testing goes

    played baseball all the way until my senior year when i switched to track full time. could hit homeruns and throw nearly 85 mph (and this was before i really started getting decent in the weight room and was only 16 years old) but i was so bad at hitting for contact and so inaccurate that i really was useless. not really taking care of my throwing arm has left me with shoulder and elbow stiffness, but i have seen very easy gains since starting to "rehab" them. this is how i ended up in javelin

    made track team at my school because my bw ratios in the weight room were so good for a college freshman, especially one who essentially trained himself (put up 2.5xbw in the squat and 1.7xbw in the clean and 1.5xbw in bench freshman fall). never actually showed any aptitude for track besides block starts, but my coach is hoping my strength potential will lead to track success with proper coaching

    lactose intolerant. still occansionally take weight gainer or protein supplements with lactase pills, but will always cause me an upset stomach so i have to determine whether the timing is worth the risk of ruining my appetite for my next meal. drink a ton of lactaid whole milk or choco soy

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