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Thread: My videos

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    Re: My videos

    This comment sounds oversimplified but when I achieved relaxation in my running I felt like I stopped fighting myself if that makes sense.
    Charlie used to say that results tended to follow when confidence came as a result of feeling prepared. I found this to be true 100 percent for me.
    You went into that race knowing full well you were not prepared but also knowing there was an issue with tightness.
    If you can run and go into that race to gain something without the intent of running away with the store ( so to speak) than do it. If you can't than the general saying goes
    " if there is nothing to gain ... than why are you doing it " ?
    You have already had an issue with the hamstring right? That caused you to react and forced you to do different in your training. Injuries happen but you don't want them to stop or slow you down if possible. Avoiding injuries is always desirable. Dealing with injuries in a proactive way requires determination, overriding great frustrations but it can also be an opportunity to get things done you might not other wise do. ( get your butt in the pool and get yourself super fit, get on the bike and get going, work around your problems, be creative and if you know what is missing find a way to get that variable of training done in another way.

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    Re: My videos

    Re start: my way. If you are game kneel with your left knee just behind the start line and dorsiflex. The right foot should be approx 150mm behind the left. Elbows slightly bent (if you run with straight arms start with them.) shoulders over the start line. Lift your butt until your legs are in the position you want them for the first two steps, generally just above the shoulders. On the gun lift the right elbow high and fast. Now do what you are trying to with your steps.

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    Re: My videos

    Thanks for the help guys.

    I downloaded Kinovea and have found it very helpful in a lot of ways.
    At practice this Saturday, I set up my iPhone at about hip height and marked off a ten meter increment and filmed that ten meter segment all of my runs. So, for instance - I ran 4xflying 20, 1x60, 1x80, 1x120 and I've got the last ten meters of every run on tape. Then I analyzed them with Kinovea (and then I went back and broke down a flying 20 I had recorded from about 2 months ago, from before my knee started really bothering me.)

    My best 10 meter segment was about .99. Compare that to the flying 20 from a while back that was about 1.86ish, which would be .93 per 10 meter segment.
    I think this may have been affected (somewhat) by the fact that I knew I was finishing - my stride length increased dramatically in the final 2 steps of every run, as I guess I was stretching to the finish, which definitely slowed me down.

    On stride length - average stride length for my right, non-sore/tight leg: a shade over 2 meters. Average stride length for my left leg, the sore/tight one: 1.85ish. I'm not sure if there should be any differential but this one seems particularly dramatic.
    As noted, when I was near the end of a run, I'd really stretch out - to about 2.4/2.2 meters per stride.

    In my early 20s, I played semi-pro football and injured the knee in different ways - it got hit in funny ways AND I suffered from jumper's knee repeatedly. I actually went to physical therapy for it 3 times! I didn't realize it would linger until I was 28.

    I want to PR again before I get old. I think I'll start a training journal thread relating to all this.

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    Re: My videos

    I keep thinkin they are running to mcdonalds
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