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Thread: How do you best improve on a more explosive 100M start?

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    Re: How do you best improve on a more explosive 100M start?

    I'm sure many have tried and with poor results. Ben's start was Ben's start. It was not something he was specifically coached to do or intentionally tried to do. Charlie was wise enough not to monkey with it because it obviously worked for Ben. Charlie discusses this topic in some depth in Speed Trap and why it is unwise to deliberately try to copy it.

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    Re: How do you best improve on a more explosive 100M start?

    I posted Charlie teaching Angella's children doing starts and he is discussing starts and explosive medicine ball drills in GPP as well as some of the other video's, not just speed trap.

    We used to work on starts a bit all the time as we went along at most times of the season.

    As I got fitter and stronger I also improved my start.

    Once you acquire more power as a mature athlete you have the potential to perform a better start.

    Spending too much precious energy and time initially is a waste of time as things fall into place a matter of priority over time providing the training has been planned.

    I have seen coaches try to coach the start for an hour or more to athletes. At a certain point the return of the efforts are diminished as it's too much for one practice in relative terms. Then the athlete starts to feel pressure to perform and session becomes counter productive.

    The explosive drills over the high jump pit and single, double and triple hops with the med ball are really good exercises to develop the kind of start Ben became famous for. He had the the fitness, strength and power and reaction and one athlete may not have all of those gifts align in their career and each athlete is unique and has his or her own attributes.

    To copy what Ben did would require to the study of the how and why of what Charlie chose to do.

    Yes Flash, Speed Trap is not just a good book but it has a lot of training wisdom in it. You have always been an excellent student and keen to learn.

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