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Thread: EMS podcasts

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    EMS podcasts

    Hi Ange,
    Hope you are well. I noticed the EMS podcasts are no longer available on the site. I was wondering will they be made available again? (I have podcast 2 and would love to purchase part 1).


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    Re: EMS podcasts

    I am in the process of re merchandising the store and while I will not say for sure what products become off the shelf permanently I will tell you what is likely to happen is making products grouped in a more organized way.
    Historically, the store was set up as the products became available with an emphasis on creating products as a priority.
    Thus far my role has been to act as a guardian of this site , it's products and the information contained within the forums to which Charlie regulated multiple times daily.
    I appreciate your attention regarding your interests and perhaps you might send me a note directly if you have further questions.

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    Re: EMS podcasts

    Thanks for your reply. Look forward to seeing the new store!

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