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Thread: DMA's Coaching Thread

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    Re: DMA's Coaching Thread

    If you contact me directly I may have a few people you would be able to speak to as well.

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    Re: DMA's Coaching Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Angela Coon View Post
    The athlete was NOT a hurdler.
    I did not suggest his career would be over but if I did I did not intend this to be suggested
    It's going to be tough but it's doable. I am not sure my message conveyed this feeling I wanted to come across.
    I think it's more than worth while to pursue something that most just give up on because it's difficult.
    I hope my note was not interpreted as a negative. My hope was to share the information to give you the sense and scope of what you need to know and then you can put into place your own resources.
    I want to make sure the experts are not telling you otherwise. This is most important to me.
    Thanks Angela

    No offense taken on my part, I try and look for solutions to problems and is probably why I asked the question in the first place.

    I will message you

    Continuing to learn is one thing in life that has to continue.

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