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Thread: Road to Sochi 2014

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014


    Prehab - ART/Massage/Stretch, back of left knee

    SciMx Hardcore, Creatine, Redbull


    Ankling, Step overs, Running B’s

    Tech push trolley

    10x hits against wall.

    10x10m hits, 75k

    5x40m hits, 50k.

    Head down

    Acc 6x20m blocks

    Best they’ve felt in years. back foot up the back block, two fingers further back both blocks

    Max V 3xflying 30

    Weights Cleans 100, 110, 110, 110, 110


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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014


    Drills Ankling, Step overs, Running B’s out to 60m

    Weights Bench press 5x90 1x100,110,115

    Massage, stretch

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014




    Warm up, Drills, Medball throws.



    6 stride LJ for points - 5.88

    100m - 10.7 equal PB

    Relay, first leg.

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014


    Hills 2x4x40m

    Depletion press ups, 90s rest.

    John Smith multi pos. abs circuit


    Cycle. CF medball circuit


    AM - UB weights. Bench 3x5x100. Seated military 3x5x60k. Pull ups/reverse flys superset

    Med ball throws 8xoht,blt single, double, triple hops

    SE Grass 2xsplit 200s (150+50)

    Weights LB
    Front squats 3x6x90k


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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014

    GB bobseligh training weekend


    Push track. Working on the hit and first 15m. Keeping the sled behind for 3 strides before pulling through shaved 5/100ths off a 15m

    I pushed the fastest 15m, which had been my weaker part previously. 1.966 - 2/100th of the current squad best.


    AM - Track. Wall drills, med ball throws and bounds from a block. Heavy sled dragging with ropes, mimicking the pull through.

    PM - Push track. Learning to use the side handles and load.


    AM - Push track. Hit and first 15m.

    PM - Side handles and loading.


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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014

    Ok guys, Big update!

    Last weekend were the final trials to make the 'long-list' GB Bobsleigh Squad, and the first time development athletes pushed against the existing squad. Top 10 on the push track qualified for October on-ice crew selection in Latvia. Top 6 also qualified for September training camp in Switzerland.

    I came 5th and qualified for both. I pushed 3.54 which was disappointing. My PR puts me joint second in the push track rankings.

    GB Bobsleigh has also secured full UK sport funding this year and so both trips are fully funded.

    Again I'm a step closer to Sochi 2014!

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014

    Congratulations on your selection! This is terrific news!

    Great to hear all your hard work is paying off.

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014

    Thanks mate. I'm over the moon. Time to work even harder

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014

    Awesome news. well pleased for you buddy.

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    Re: Road to Sochi 2014

    A bit late but... mission accomplished!

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