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Thread: Johnsons 16 x 200

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    Re: Johnsons 16 x 200

    This is the program of a 19.3 / 43.2s runner. However, from the example programs he listed much of the running he does although maybe extensive in volume is by no means that intensive for a man with his speed. I think it's a great example of designing a program around a guy with certain attributes to extract the most from him.

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    Re: Johnsons 16 x 200

    I believe the program was designed for a group of 43-45 sec male sprinters, although some may not have coped as well as Johnson.

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    Re: Johnsons 16 x 200

    Would they have worked on a 4 week microcycle, and if so, had an easy/test week, therefore, not run the applicable number of 2's during that 4th week, or continued on as normal?

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    Re: Johnsons 16 x 200

    The 16X200 were GPP for Clyde and it starts with 35 second 200s. If you look at Hart's training on ustfccca, you will not see this workout listed, as it's before the main training. Clyde Hart stuff is NOT intense and is tempo based, and that's a main criticism of his system--he doesn't do much speed development. The listed training is based on a 46 second college runner, and most of it is intensive tempo at ~85%.

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