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Thread: 400m time prediction based on 800m pb

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkh View Post
    That's what I was getting at above. With a jogging background and training improperly or not really training at all, if the guy has any sprint potential, you may find he can run a single 200 quite a bit faster than his 800 times (2:30 => 67 second 400 => 33-34 200) would predict.
    Yesterday he did a 6x150 @20-21 secs, 3 min rest between each.
    He was asked not to run them at his best, but to focus on form.

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    I would expect he would be damn close to sub 60 right now or certainly in a few weeks to get his pacing right.

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    3X150 @20-21 = 450m in 60-63.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkh View Post
    3X150 @20-21 = 450m in 60-63.
    I get a similar range when putting the 150 and 800 on an velocity curve. I don't know if the 150 was standing or fly, and I don't know if the 20-21 seconds was just an approximate range or if he actually hit a 20.0, but using the points 150/20 and 800/2:30 yields a fly 400 of 62.8. If the 150 was standing, then the fly 150 would be closer to 18.9, and using the points 150/18.9 and 800/2:30 puts the fly 400 at about 60.6.

    An accurate time for a short sprint such as the fly 30 would provide a very good indicator.


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