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Thread: Mens 200m Daegu

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    Lemaitre was amaizing!

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    I guess Bolt is a fake - now you guys can stop.

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    Bolt makes his competition look like the Korean women sprinters.

    On a side note, does he ever get a good tailwind?

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    We're going to have a white guy winning diamond league races next year.
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    Have fun and compete all I can

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    Bolt keeps this sport alive.

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    the 100m was pretty average one, but the 200m final kicked ass!!!!!

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    Hard to believe but with a healthy Tyson in this race a fine time like 19.80 does not even win a medal.

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    Great final. I was impressed with the 2nd and 3rd place times too. I am always surprised how Walter Dix runs so fast without maintaining a proper sprint position. He maintains a lean right to the finish line with his shoulders rounded forward. This clearly prevents proper rotation through the hips and cuts his top speed. His technique works for him as evidenced by the great time but, as a coach, I wonder if he could run much faster with some changes?

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    200 final was so much better than the 100m, which is very rare. Watching Dix run the semi so easily I suspected he would put down a great time in the final. Fantastic to watch. The tension is building over seeing Bolt and Gay race a 200m at a major championship. I hope they are both healthy and on top of their games for London, and that will be the most epic 200m final ever.

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