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Thread: Sth Af 4x4 splits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
    KK, I'm not sure I understand. I mean being close enough as a timer on a three turn stagger to find the middle of the exchange zone for each lane so the legs are of equal length and not 395, 405 etc. Most of the tracks I've seen have either a solid or dashed line in the middle of the zone (for each lane) and it's usually well up into the curve from the middle lanes on. I think only lane one has the same line (which is the finish line) for all three exchanges.

    By timing the baton I mean when it crosses first the middle of the zone (for each lane, not the common zone so it tends to be further into the curve for most of the lanes) for the first exchange then timing the baton as it crosses the finish line for exchanges 2 and 3.
    On the first leg, best place to stop the clock to get the lead-off runner's split is, as you rightly pointed out, when the baton (whomever is carrying it) crosses the green spotted line within the box.

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    02 September 2011 - 21:15
    Position Lane Bib Team Country Mark .
    1 5 United States
    (Greg Nixon; Bershawn Jackson; Angelo Taylor; LaShawn Merritt) USA 2:59.31 .
    2 8 South Africa
    (Shane Victor; Ofentse Mogawane; Willem de Beer; L.J. van Zyl) RSA 2:59.87 .
    3 4 Jamaica
    (Allodin Fothergill; Jermaine Gonzales; Riker Hylton; Leford Green) JAM 3:00.10 .
    4 3 Russia
    (Maksim Dyldin; Konstantin Svechkar; Pavel Trenikhin; Denis Alekseyev) RUS 3:00.22 (SB)
    5 6 Belgium
    (Jonathan Borlée; Antoine Gillet; Nils Duerinck; Kévin Borlée) BEL 3:00.41 (SB)
    6 7 Kenya
    (Vincent Kiplangat Kosgei; Vincent Mumo Kiilu; Anderson Mureta Mutegi; Mark Kiprotich Mutai) KEN 3:01.15 .
    7 1 Great Britain & N.I.
    (Richard Strachan; Nigel Levine; Christopher Clarke; Martyn Rooney) GBR 3:01.16 .
    8 2 Germany
    (Jonas Plass; Kamghe Gaba; Miguel Rigau; Thomas Schneider) GER 3:01.37 .

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    I wonder why the US put in Jackson and Taylor to the squad. They ran slower while Merritt was made to run a couple seconds faster than in the heats.

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