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Thread: push-off phase in skating

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    push-off phase in skating


    I'm looking for info about push-off times (ms) when skating.

    Anyone having this kind of data?

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    I'm not a hockey guy, but have you tried looking into anything Mike Boyle has done? He seems to have worked with quite a number of hockey players/teams.

    Good luck!

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    Push off times in Skating

    Quote Originally Posted by sas809 View Post

    I'm looking for info about push-off times (ms) when skating.

    Anyone having this kind of data?

    Performance Skating versus Speed Skating

    Marino (1977, 1979 & 1983) found that velocity in hockey skating is dependent on the number of strides as opposed to the length of the stride. He also found that the faster a hockey player skated, the quicker he/she put the skate on the ice after push-off. This means that high-performance hockey skaters have quick- medium length strides, and get their skate on the ice quickly after push-off.

    Page (1975) found that the faster skaters in his study had a quicker “recovery period.” In other words, faster hockey skaters get their skates on the ice quickly after they push-off.

    = my guess is you wish to improve push off times when skating? This article ( Institute for Hockey Research) is outlining the differences between Performance Skating and Speed Skating.
    Note that a few of our members are working extensively with the best NHL hockey players and speed skaters in the world with the principles outlined from Charlie's training Manual , GPP etc. all available in the store on this site.

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    Thanks to both of you!

    I have been working with hockey players (off-ice) for 4-5 years with great results so far training them almost like sprinters&long jumpers.
    A little more "plyos" than sprinters perhaps and a lot of accelerations 10-20m.
    I also use some of Charlies short to long and use of intensity limits.

    I have been searching for push-off times when skating but found very little info using google.

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