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Thread: Tempo for young soccer players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everett View Post
    Thanks ESTI,

    When you are doing 10 x 1000 with 35 sec. rest do you rest between sets.
    For example: 100+100+100 rest 2-3minutes
    100 +100+100+100 rest 2-3minutes
    100+100+100 cool down
    That is one possiblity if the athlete is really not fit. We do all fo them straight through in a row. We work up to 40 x 100 with 35 rest over time.

    Big circuit is worked up to a double big circuit.

    The other series I have used is a 1+2+2+1++ progression that leads to 1+2+3++ and eventually upward to 15-18x 300 under 60 seconds with 60 seconds rest.

    The higher limits are for college level players who have gone through a few years of tempo work.

    Ages 15-16 ~ 1000-2000/ session 2-3x a week

    Ages 16--17 2000-3000 / session 2-3x a week

    Ages 17+ 3000-4000/ session 3 x a week

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    Having seen the fitness requirements of dozens of colleges, there are typically aerobic tests (beep, cooper, 1 mile, 2 mile etc) and repeat sprint recovery tests (shuttle runs, intermittent beep, Danish test (Bangsbo test), Man. U test.).

    I feel if an athlete at the college level can meet times and recoveries of a double big circuit (which takes close to 40-50 minutes to complete), they have achieved match fitness, which to me is most important for the athlete. However, coaches tend to feel athletes are fit if they can run 2 miles under certain times and place emphasis on these tests.

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    What times are required to complete the 100 in? I understand this is 75% or less, so are these times individualized or is there a generic time in which you want your athletes to finish the 100 in?

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