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Thread: Strength gains

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    As long as you do as many lifts as possible standing on a bosu ball, you'll be a star athlete.
    only if you have your legs crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by RB34 View Post
    What's your point? I never said it would make a difference...

    You didn't have to say it. The fact that you said dog crap says enough. Also, lr1400 saying "cute" is a bit condescending as well. So much for establishing the requisite physique. So much for Charlie's advice to look the part first.

    My point is initially this was a good discussion that shifted it's focus to whether or not someone played at a high enough level? I've helped train guys that played in the NBA and I'd be lucky if I could dribble past my 12 year old nephew. As far as your coach having a purpose, put a world class chef in McDonald's and he'll be limited in what purpose he has for the fries and big macs. I'm not saying he can't make a decent meal, but it would be a different story if he were in a world class restaurant in Paris.

    We have people out there drinking the kool-aid saying not to squat, influenced by a coach whose team has won only 50% of it's games played since his groundbreaking DVD's were released. Perhaps the comments on the BOSU indicates a battle going on there as well. When coaches perceived to be at a high level don't know how to put the meat and potatoes of a workout together, the industry has a bigger problem than what level someone played at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemann View Post
    I've been struggling to make gains in the weight room. Im pretty lean and strong for my slim frame...

    6'5 212
    BP- 250-265
    S- 325-335

    My squat is coming a long very nicely, but I can't seem to bump up my bench press unless I put on some body weight. The last time I went up (from 215 to 250) was over a 3 month period that I gained 10 or 15 pounds body weight. I used a hypertrophy style 4 sets of 12 with quite a bit of volume.

    I play football and a strong bench press has always been a goal of mine. I'd like to see that number up at 300 by the end of summer.

    So my question is, Do I need to do hypertrophy work to add some mass? I have ALWAYS struggled to make gains when I use the 5-3-1 or other various near maximal training methods. But I didn't gain weight during those times either..

    So again, I gained body weight during my last bench press gains, so was it the body weight gain that led to increased muscle size and strength? Or was it the program? Obviously it could be both but If I gain 15 pounds of body weight, will i see the same results whether I use 4 sets of 10 or 3x3 style?
    Hemann, the thread got away from you and you may not have come away with anything you can sink your teeth into. Sorry if I contributed to that.

    Below is an article from The Strength and Conditioning Journal that explains in more scientific terms some of the reasoning that I was trying to get across. Pay particular attention to the reference list, as there are many good articles that cover this topic.

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