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Thread: 60m race

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    Good leg speed/frequency.

    I think increasing your glute strength in particular would lengthen out your stride length more (horizontal propulsion). My problem was too much frequency in the beginning.

    It seems your landing flat footed?, collapsing at the ankle & losing energy?, not sure though. My times dropped significantly when I started to develop/train my ankles/calves isometrically, far more solid now. The fastest runners seem to have extreme isometric strength so they don’t collapse at the ankle, knee and hip at ground contact, resulting in shorter ground contact times.

    As always, your core (powerhouse) & elasticity can never be too great.

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    some good stuff there radio and everyone else , thanks guys . ive always have a good turn over but lacked in stride length, even for my height or limb length.

    what excercises should i do for best gains in glute strength? and also isometric excercises? i currently do squats cleans and split squats.

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    A lot of great stuff said.
    It did also appear your Hip aligment was out - Drops at the front, Causing a big curve in the lower back, prevents the foot from landing correctly - hence why Race Radio picked up on your feet landing funny.

    A stronger Hip flexor - more elastic hip flexor - stronger Core to hold hip alignment will also help (potentially a tight Recus Femus also?

    Otherwise, there are a lot of good stuff you're doing right. Keep it up

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    Gotta agree with everybody. Personally I would take the advice of what everybody said. Keep working hard, improvement is bound to happen

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