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Thread: GPP for 400m runnres

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    GPP for 400m runnres

    Hello, I have some 400m guys-I am a former pure sprinter, no experience with a longer sprint. I have a question about conception of GPP for 400m runners. Not clear if I can use same model like is written here or should add some special endurance (2x600m) instead of one day of hills. Any help? Problem is that SPP is only 5 weeks long, GPP is 7 weeks long.

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    Which model are you referring to? SPP looks short indeed.
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    GPP hills workout... over here is GPP 7 weeks long, SPP 12 weeks long. Can I use 2x600m in GPP? and during SPP move it down a little bit, like 400m and less?

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    why spp so short?
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    The school, what I have been working for, goes on condition camp at the begining of December (on ski!) and after that we have another 5 weeks till indoor season launches. I am not able to do enything with that. I am a new coach in that school and no chance to make any changes. :-( right now. The kids are between 16 and 19. What do you think about it?

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    How important is your indoor season? You may have to compromise your indoor season for a more fruitfull outdoor season.
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    They (kids) want to run and beat their records every season, either is indoor or outdoor. Both they have their championships, both they have their records. I would like to prepare them as best as I can for the season. But you are right.. I think the progress is more important than just one successful season..
    However, my question is, should I put 2x600m into a GPP? Once per week?

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    Sounds to me like you have a recipe for injury going from skiing to 60m indoors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
    Sounds to me like you have a recipe for injury going from skiing to 60m indoors!
    what should I do? Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavel View Post
    what should I do? Any advice?
    If you have time, try to read the Lactate Threshold discussion on the Forum. One hint - You have SPRINTERS (with some speed?), moving to 400m; they are still young ... WHY do you want to include 600m's in your programme?? Look at the programme examples of Kitkat - I am from the same 'old' school! - you can work on a maximum of 350m distance (occasionally a 500m as part of a test). The athletes WILL be prepared for a 400m.

    My feeling is to develop and maintain the speed factor of the athletes .... I do believe that training of 600m doesn't have any purpose in your situation.

    Hope I have convinced you!! Good luck with the coaching!

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