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    I am in the mood for fun and games
    I love both
    who doesn't?
    Charlie loved so many things.
    Ice cream
    He really loved ice cream.
    And he always accused me of playing games. Mostly games that were fun
    I dont have any prizes yet
    I do have a few ideas
    ( sorry , i just can't say as of yet)

    R u ready?

    R u sure?

    Well I am not even sure how to handle the excitement once I ask
    My vanity email is messed up
    has been for say 3 years
    my hotmail account is good
    how do I handle all that mail coming in?
    Any ideas from some of you that are way more tech savy than I?
    I have a question to ask all of you
    I want to give each of you a fair shot
    Wait a minute
    You guys can easily google it.
    Charlie's birthday is coming up.
    I want to have a party.
    I want everyone to come.
    I would like to do something really special.
    ( I am sorry but I might still cry. Im crying right now)
    send me some ideas cause maybe we can share this day not too far away together somehow
    let me know with your reply.
    James and I are doing really well.
    I will send you some info soon.
    its been busy
    mostly good
    you know
    stuff happens right?
    All of you have been great even if I say the wrong things sometimes right RB24?
    ( dont take me so seriously man)
    gotta go

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    Let me know Ange

    I miss Charlie so I can't imagine how you feel. He was an awesome and inspirational guy. Glad you and James are doing well(mostly). Maybe Esti and I can make it to something

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    Hi Angela,

    A party would be awesome!!!

    Save yourself the headache and make a temp email address for this something like or something... You dont want to get flooded with a ton of crap from us to your personal email, do you?? :-)

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    Ange what about an e-birthday? There are plenty that can't physically attend but would like to celebrate with anecdotes or favourite Charlieisms. One of mine is

    starting is the opposite of sex, quick not hard

    Also on a separate matter what about a book or DVD that covers the work Charlie did post '88? It is an injustice so many are locked into that period in time when he there is so much more after that. I am sure you could get some of the athletes and other coaches he worked with to contribute. For example Marion makes mention in her book about working with Charlie, as have / will Angela, Ben, Derek and others. Maybe each could provide a chapter. Sort of like what happens in music, different artists or groups sing a song of X and they release it.

    Celebrate Charlie the man and move past the media image! ...thoughts?

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