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Thread: Yet another routine

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    Yet another routine

    I saw this while wasting time (looking for the answer to getting faster/stronger!!!)

    Anyway, here is a read for you guys. It reminds me of John Smiths weight training style (pause lift). I wonder if there is any use for such a long time for rep. The tempo of the lift is 31sec eccentric x 1 sec concentric. I guess in a GPP shoould be fine...

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    I believe that's supposed to be a four part prescription meaning eccentric-pause at bottom-concentric-pause at top. So 3111 means lower the weight 3 sec, pause 1 sec, raise weight in 1 sec, pause 1 sec. An X designation means "as fast as possible" so 31X1 is 3 sec down, pause, fast up, pause.

    I wouldn't worry about time prescriptions, just lower the weights in control and lift fast and controlled on the way up. As usual, common sense rules.

    Edit to add: A JS pause style prescription would look like 25X1: 2 sec down, 5 sec pause, explode up, pause.

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    anyone ever read into/tried elliott hulse's training stuff? It seemed pretty on spot, a lot of heavy lifting however.

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