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Thread: World Cup 2010 - Who is your pick?

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    Denmark of course

    But should my fellow countrymen fail, I guess Spain will be hard to deal with.
    Holland will find a way to mess things up, they usually do, and Maradona will ruin a otherwise very strong argentinian side.

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    Germany will beat Brazil 2-0 on th final

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    [QUOTE=NumberTwo;236197]With the big tournament fast approaching, who will you be picking to win?

    I'm picking Holland, but always have a soft spot for England (even though I know they will fail miserably). My second pick is Spain.[/QUOTe

    I think Argentina will go to the final. Surprisingly I also think Chile and North Korea will do well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    checking the draw it appears for that to happen 1 of them would have to place second in their group then win matches from then on otherwise they meet in the 2nd round.
    Thanks for picking that up.

    So it appears in the final (unless there is a massive upset) that one of
    France, England, Holland & Brazil will meet either of - Argentina, Germany, Italy & Spain.

    So Brazil (or Holland ) to meet (& beat) Spain in the final.

    If the Dutch play Brazil in the QF, the winner may well decide the WC winner.

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    I pick England, they have a great coach.

    Germany has lost Ballack and the goalkeeper, Italy is a geriatric team, look at the dates of birth.

    Argentina and Brazil are both great teams too.

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    Brazil.........! england have superb players but cannot gel as a team.
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    Brazil and Holland probably closest in contention, England and Argentina not that far behind.

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    France. Allez les Bleus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vedette View Post
    France. Allez les Bleus!
    Won't that please the Irish!

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