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Thread: Dynamic Squats

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    excellent advice speedster
    Thanks or should I be thanking Charlie and others...

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    I play quarterback, so speed endurance is most likely not limiting me. However, I guess I was indirectly referring back to my days on the track. I was quick for 20-30 yards/meters, but then would gradually taper off.

    Last summer in preperation for my football season, I ran a lot of 40s, 30s, 20s, and 10s... I also did some bounding, horizontal and vertical jumping, speed hops etc. I felt like not including any overtraining I never got in very good shape.

    When the time came for me to run my 40 at camp, I was actually tired from the warm up our coach had us do, and I under performed. I ran 4.87, I was shooting for the 4.7s which I had run a few times that summer.

    My '09 track season in a nutshell went like this: Preseason: worked speed- was getting faster. Season started- torn groin muscle... limited work for a month. I continued to squat heavy because the groin gave me no problems. Once I was healthy, I continued squatting- but my times were suffering. My times slowly got better as I got back into shape, but then they remained the same. So.. I stopped squatting... and my times dropped dramatically. I was running much faster than I ever have. So, I automatically assume that I should stop squatting when race day approaches + back pain = I don't squat the rest of the summer. Just speed work.

    Now, post football season: I squatted from november until feb. My back hurts again. I didn't have any problems when I wasn't squatting. I have stopped squatting, but haven't gotten back into much speed work, just been playing a lot of basketball

    Now I am excited to get back on the track. Squatting again if I must. I have not placed any emphasis on endurance training in the past and only a little on plyometric. I basically have just gone out to the track and ran 20 or so short sprints.

    I think I will look to purchase CFTS. Sounds like its worth it-- make sure I am doing everything I need to be to be getting faster!

    Thanks again

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