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Thread: Tempo download questions.

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    Tempo download questions.

    Hi Charlie / Angela,

    I've got all the tempo workout downloads, and I particularly like the bike tempo workout. I find I can even get it done at the gym if I go after 8:30 pm!

    I would like to be able to do all of these workouts at home, and I was wondering which type of mat you would recommend. I'm not really sure where to pick up the quality thicker mats- I see plenty of wimpy ones all over the place, but not too many of the sturdier variety. Is there a particular brand I should look for?


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    I like the single size matts for space and storage but they have double size matts as well.
    I actually like the wimpy version matts for some stuff. I use them to create a cusioned lane in my basement to do drills and the higher density ones are too heavy and deep and how do you attach them etc.
    So just depends on what you want.
    hope this helps. They make their own brand out of guess where?

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