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Thread: Determining the hurdle lead leg

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    Determining the hurdle lead leg

    I am trying to teach hurdling to one of my athletes who's 18 years of age. She's has never hurdled before but we have always done walking hurdling drills - so she has some concept about hurdling. She runs 11.8 for the 100 and we thought would be good to give it a try. If for nothing else a bit of variety in training. She uses right leg as the rear-foot in the starting blocks and so i advised her that it would be best to have right as the lead leg. Since she does not really mind leading with either leg - should I be looking at some other criteria's in determining what would suit her the best. Thanks in advance.

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    Try both and see what she likes best. It will be clear soon.
    I had to switch my start to accomadate my steps into the first hurdle. It was a bit wierd at first but then I used to have to think about what my best leg forward was.
    hope that helps

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