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Thread: Fatigue in 200m for masters athletes

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    You mentioned Sydney in your post in September. What did you run?


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    in GPP I'm between 2000-3000 meters. in SPP I'm between 1600 and 2000.

    Tom I ran 11.59 in the 100, 23.79 in the 200 and 53.46 in the 400 at Sydney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidscoach View Post
    You know Tom, I'm thinking its both mental and physical prep. I'm learning at "our age," with any decent speed in place, we're better served training for seconds at the end of a race rather than tenths in the start as Charlie so aptly stated.

    That said I am really working in the SE - SS2 zones of speed work.
    with this and the following statement you made

    The best I could do the last 2 years was 23.8, with some 400 training behind me, I run 22.74. I listened to what Charlie said, observed the charts from Vancouver 04 and realized that I could train short speed all I wanted, but until I worked up into special speed 1 with any consistency and aggressive tempo work I was destined to fade in the 200. Now its 11.7-11.04 for my 200.

    do you think perhaps there is more to be gained by more SE work than tempo? Looking at your week it appears that is the case, or have I read that wrong?

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    What I found John doing more SE SS1 work, (at the expense of tempo) was that on a multi event day, or in rounds, somehow I was not as "fresh" or ready after a race. I ran well, but would be exhausted and kinda weak.

    We remedied this by adding in tempo work and for a 3 wk period sneaking in a mile pre-warm up. This allowed me to run through the week at Sydney and finish it on Sunday with a 200 final, into a 4x100, and from the medal stand right into the 4x400. Ran well in all 3.

    Now we feel rather bullet proof, and have no fear of a week long indoor championship running every day for a week (Mon-Sat) in an attempt to sweep the sprints.

    So to sum it all up, You have to find an ideal mix of both without a deficit in either.

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