The Heroesexhibition at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland will soon be closing.

To mark the occasion, The Olympic Museum is inviting visitors to take part in the destruction of the sand sculptures, Ephemeral Heroes, on Sunday 13 September in the Olympic Park.
2.30 p.m.: start of the fall of the heroes, effigies of their time and subject to the ravages of weather and fashion.
The destruction will be started by a construction expert (to remove the flame). The public will then be invited to destroy the statues using hammers and chisels. Children can use rakes and spades. Free entry.
Constructed over several days at the end of May, the statues have in fact stood up very well to the frequent storms this summer, and are showing little sign of erosion…
Once sculpted, they were simply vaporised with a mixture of water and glue. The works were created by Dutch artists working for the German company Sandcity.