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Thread: yoga

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    One of my many girlfriends is mad at me for saying I did yoga as a pickup line when i picked her up in a breakfast dive at 6.30 in the morning a year ago, thats about all Yoga is good for..for me at least. I wasn't kidding though, I did yoga..once.



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    Seriously though, there are great stretches there but you need to be warm before you stretch too aggressively

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    I read this recently in the Forum Review 2009, which is excellent, and which you will all enjoy.

    For me, this is clear confirmation that yoga, like everything else, should be structured and progressive.

    No wonder he was frustrated. This sounds like enough to put any beginner off.

    (Buy the book, guys!)

    Quote Originally Posted by dr.sprint View Post
    Ok so anyone that wants to know what Yoga is like here it goes.

    As part of my major I was forced to take Yoga.

    We get our mats that about a mm thick and take off our shoes and socks. I didn't realize we would have to do this so im looking at my feet thinking oh man.

    Alright so we learn the basic up dog, down dog, and cobra. Your basically going from a high bridge to low bridge to a weird back stretch 90% of the time. Yah for around an hour. I guess yoga is suppose to stretch your hips it did the opposite for me.

    Basically your holding yourself up for an hour. About 15 minutes into it my body starts shaking. The kid next to me on the hockey team is shaking. Im like what the bleep. Tree pose, warrior one. One leg back one arm foreward, balance on your knees, look at your armpit. Look at the sky. You can't take Yoga unless you have water near you...

    I am like where is the meditation. Why is this like a workout. Why am I sweating.

    My knees are hurting because I am basically on the floor. My wrists are hurting because after an hour trying to hold myself up my body cant take it anymore. Childs pose it is.

    Childs pose is a pose that you go into when you just cant do it anymore. Its basically like stretching out of the floor face foreward. Its basically like I give tf up pose.

    Now we do some stupid warrior again, warrior one, warrior two, now to dancers pose. Dancers pose. One leg up, one arm up look back under your armpit. Extend the leg. Is this yoga or ballerina practice.

    I look next to me and a 200pnd girl is performing all the poses to the tee. The rest of the class is struggling. The instructor is drenched in sweat. She smells.

    The room is small and everyones mat is about 2 feet away from each other in a room that is not that big. There are at least 34 people there.

    Every muscle and joint on my body now hurts. We are at the end now. All I have to do is hold my leg up, look under my armpit, turn my hand upwards, and stare back at the wall. WHAT!!!

    I put on my shoes walk outside. I can feel the soreness. Its not bad it will go away I think. I week later my shoulder blades are still sore. My hips are still sore. My wrists are sore. I am thinking that Yoga is not for me.

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