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Thread: yoga

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    My personal best in the 100 is 10.53 and my stride rate is decent. But my stride length is not really that great. Also my flexibility is not that great and I have a hard time touching my toes when I bend down with my knees straight. I am thinking about taking a yoga class and I was wondering if it is a good idea to try and increase my flexibilty.

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    Forget yoga get hypnotized, no just kidding, I think yoga would be great for a sprinter, especially for the mental aspect of it, as for the physical aspect, proper recovery, and streching should allow you strech more effiencently, however most sprinters are built very compact. There seems to be a correlation between tightness of muscle and power. It seems most sprinters are wound tightly, doc my friend who performed sports massage at the 96 olympics claimed that michael johnsons hamstrings were like a brick? Any thoughts forum. As you probally know yoga worked successfully for Carl Lewis. He swore up and down it was a major reason why he could run so fast?

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    I will give larry a test drive soon...

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    I just do 5 mins yoga / raiki positions my sister taught me at the end of each session , and sometimes during the day / b4 bed - really relaxing - just basic stuff like standing tall and sucking the abs in really seems to help with alignment .
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    I want to try yoga soon -
    used by many AFL teams

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    What about pilates? Better or worse because that's what I am considering.

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    Be careful with yoga or pilates... Many proponents will recommend yoga as the be-all, end-all way to achieve flexibility. It's also a good way to ingrain the soreness in your muscles, and strain your tendons and ligaments if you are not careful. Yoga has been marketed as a cure all for many things (i.e. get a workout and get stretched at the same time). Separate these two activities out. If you are working hard to stretch, you may be creating more problems for yourself and overstretching the soft tissues.

    Good stretching can be had by everyone without plopping down your money to stretch with a yoga group. Stretching is stretching. Why invent new names for it. Listen to your body, don't push into pain and be progressive.

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    In defense for yoga...the movements can use gravity to get muscle groups deeply stretched. Yes soreness can happen with anything but the active part of yoga bridges the gap from static to dynamic mobility.

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    Good point Number Two, but I would value the relaxation element and recovery benefits of Yoga as high as the improvements in flexibility.

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