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Thread: 10/20 yd sprint times for softball

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCBaller3 View Post
    Meters or yards however you want to slice it is the same physical qualities 0-10 10-20 20-30 that enhance the speed in those zones.

    The fact that you said you have to do what you need to do is exactly what I said.

    We have a few issues to deal with:
    -I test the 10 and 40, but never focus or expect young athletes to perform well in the 10 due to the fact that most are not developed enough to perform well in the 10 and their scores always pail in comparison to those who have had 2-3 years of experience in max strength lifting

    Reason: Power is a function of Maximal strength and you will see little to no improvement until it is developed to a certain level. So 10's and agility work will be extremely poor until max strength is improved.

    I still test it but athletes are clear as to what realistic expectations are and where they will see the gains first.

    Female athletes also do not have the same ability do display speed early in a sprint as male athletes so their times in the shorter distances will peak earlier than males as 10-20's are explosive strength dependent.

    So expecting constant change in a 10 early in the development of a college sofball player will do little for teir confidence and only lead stress.

    I thought it was a given that you will spend time in a work capacity phase or GPP which ever you would like to call it. And so at this time your speed work is emphasized and tested out to 30 yds so you can see an improvement in speed? this is during your work cap phase so why is improving speed out to 30 m be a better indicator, because like you said certain qualities need to be developed before others can be. So how would a 30 yd sprint be a better indicator of improvement in speed if they haven't even developed the qualities for 0-10 and 10-20??
    The use of easy-fast-easy and fast-easy-fast drills and flying starts are productive ways to improve acceleration with out stressing athletes out about their lack of explosive starting power, until they have had a chance to develop it.
    Again who cares if they are faster to 30yds they will never get there. The game is not won or lost by being the fastest to 30yds and having improved speed to 30yds.
    Speed development is speed development - requires certain things to be done in a ceertain order regardless of what you want - certain specific qualities will need to be in place to see specific results
    Testing should not be done to feel better about your program because it is easier to see improvements to 30 yds than to 10. It has nothing to do with you - its your athletes motivation and expectations that count IF you have the strength and qualities to test at 30 then you have enough to test at 10. No you dont as the 10 would not allow a lankier inexperienced athlete display any speed in a 10. You did start from 0 yds and ran thru 30, unless you know how do a 30yd run without running the first part of it?
    yes that is true but as i have said earlier less powerful and less experienced athletes will display strength later in a sprint

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    Quote Originally Posted by star61 View Post
    The amount of testing, and the specialized training that someone might use if 30m speed is though of as a primary requirement for the sport, is in itself a waste of time, IMHO. Integrating start and accel training is easy to incorporate, and should be, but testing 10m times accurately enough to be statistically significant, and performing specialized training not specific to the sport, is a waste.
    yes we already know you believe you should just play the sport all year long and that will be enough - and run some short sprints here and there. Thanks for the input but unfortunatly those days are done! even those athltes who come form socalled latin countries that just play as you say - when they arrive at US colleges and MLB accademies live in the weight room! because the see what it does for their power! dont confuse lack of access and resources and expertise for choosing not to do something valuable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ollie View Post
    Doesn't this way of thinking go against the concept of vertical integration?

    Verticle integration refers to the inclusion of all training elements being present at all times, but to different intensities - are you suggesting Accumulation weights be done at the same time as max strength or skipping anatomical adaptation/ accumulation weights all together for athletes will little experience and exposure to max loads?

    Special strength and explosive strength CAN'T be developed until accumulation weights are in place? (in the weight room yes) So the athlete that hasn't spent any time in the weightroom yet jumps 34" or runs 4.4 for the 40 doesn't have explosive strength

    ?(no one said they dont but jumping into max strength training would be dangerous and not a smart move. Other qualities such as jumps and throws can be started early. In the proper progression.
    You have to allow athletes the opportunity to develop in a model that brings about success and vertical integration is extremly valuable.

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