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Thread: Med ball Throws

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    Nice one, Fluke! :clap:

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    Add some concentric only medball throws as a introduction element, elastic eqv. work can be done if plyos are reduced.

    I like to use diagonal powerball snatches as a gpp exercise. Not or the one leg "functional" aspect but for the rotational work that helps keep the spine balanced.

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    Clemson break that down in laymans terms, Im not looking to get real technical, give it to me john madden style along with which phase it would got to. So your saying at different phases you use different types of med ball throws!? Please show examples for build up phase: first four weeks, next fours, last four weeks (when weightroom work is cut down). Also what would happen at the competive phase?

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    Ive gotten some good workouts from doing multi-throws into a wall as part of a GS circuit or tempo. mostly rotational throws, over the shoulder and over the head. Most of the time going for a certain number of reps or time.

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    Charlie quote:
    "Only the most explosive medball throws will hit the CNS hard." or something to that effect, sorry if its a bit of a misquote.

    Well, can anyone think of some muscularly intense med ball movements that will not have a dramatic effect on the CNS that could be done in place of a speed endurance workout during the offseason when your CNS is not in tip-top shape but your muscles are good for an intense workout. The ones posted by fluke seem to be more general strength core work stuff and overhead throws hit the CNS hard I think. I was thinking maybe the woodchop throw in the med ball 1 link? Any other ideas?

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    Don't do medicine ball yoga and other forms of exercise it is too dangerous.

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    Clemson is that girl in your avatar your gf, because if it is I'll be pissed.

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    thats Anna Kournikova(sp)

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    I would also be in Jail!

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