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    How are pushups best included in a training program? I'm not a competitive sprinter, but I've used methods from CFTS, GPP Essentials, and these forums to guide my training. The purpose is for Physical Fitness Tests related to my job. My best recent performance is over 90 in 2 minutes, and I would like to continue improving on that.

    * CFTS states that pushups are included in rest periods on tempo days. Mention is also made of depletion pushups.

    * In my searches, I found a post by CF stating:
    "Every form of challenge may have a role. This also leads us to a look at Allan Well's training as well. We always found that bench results were stimulated by the inclusion of "depletion push-ups" once per week- usually on Sat, after lifting M,W,F. This consists of doing the maximum no of push-ups possible, waiting 90sec and repeating, waiting 90sec again and repeating for a final set. I think that, though tough, this fits into the low intensity catagory and is complementary to the high int bench press."

    Can pushups consistently be included on tempo days without significantly detracting from recovery? Perhaps on Tue and Thur I could perform moderate sets/higher volume with tempo, and then on Sat perform the depletion pushups like Charlie mentions above.

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    If you are being tested in pushups I would probably do one day of depletion pushups. You can throw in pushups/situps on your tempo days when the volume is low, when the volume is higher I would drop them. For example:

    12x100 10 pushups/20 situps btw reps

    10x200 walk 200

    12x100 10 burpees/10 pushups

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