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Thread: Rest intervals for plyometrics

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    Rest intervals for plyometrics

    What rest intervals should be used for a standing triple jump?

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    You would need full recovery I'd imagine.

    maybe 3mins+?

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    Rest intervals: a minute and half between sets. Three to five minutes between exercises.

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    it depends to some degree on whether or not you're doin them for technique or power. but in general i'd take as long as you need to keep the power output high. 1-3 mins tend to suffice.

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    Cool. I did these yesterday, a great exercise but I'm still learning to do them properly.

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    Cut and Paste Creata
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    I like to walk 100 yards btw every 100 foot contacts.

    Hope this helps

    Kenny Mac~~~

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    Rest intervals are highly specific! Everyone is going to be different, but the nervous system is HIGHLY-stressed during plyometric activities, and takes 1-1/2 - 2 times more time to recover than the muscular system. Depending on rate and amplitude, recovery could range from 3 minutes to 10 + minutes. Specificity, please.

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    The CNS does get quite stressed during plyometric activity, however I don't think there is a stress on the CNS when doing a 3 hop or standing lj.

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    What the hell is your avater

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolColJ
    You would need full recovery I'd imagine.

    maybe 3mins+?
    I have seen quite a few times, these interesting and sometimes (distrubing) images in your avarter what is it man.

    Just wondering

    Thank You

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    If you are starting plyometrics, and you start off with light intensity jumps like tuck jumps, or squat jumps, how long should you do these before increasing the intensity of the plyos? Or should you do it until you see an increase in power?

    IF that is the case (do it until you see an increase in power), how do you measure it?

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