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Thread: Pylometrics for powerlifters

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    Pylometrics for powerlifters


    How useful is the explosive power built from pylometrics for increasing the weights you can lift in squat, bench and deadlift? I have been watching videos of Olympic lifters and obviously do a lot of explosive work due to the nature of their lifts and they seem to have solid powerlifts. Like these are just effortless:

    Are there any lifters on here who have benefited from using explosive power techniques in their training?

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    Olympic lifting cannot be compared to plyometric training, it is WAY too slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ginroth View Post
    Olympic lifting cannot be compared to plyometric training, it is WAY too slow.
    Yeah, true. I think I could find some benifit from some form of explosive training though, seeing as Shane Hamman (Oly Lifter) has the biggest squat ever in the IPF and Ed Coan said in an interview with that pylometrics can be useful for powerlifters. I have also noticed there are people who train for sprinting and stuff in my gym who squat as much as me (which to be fair isn't a lot since I'm a newbie) but do it really easily and explosively. I was thinking this was because of the number of fast twitch fibres they have? I am pretty clueless on this topic to be honest lol, would appreciate it if anyone has tried anything with regards to explosive training for powerlifters and would like to share.

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    Read some of Kelly Baggett's stuff on reactive ability, plyometrics and strength training. There are forms of plyometrics that can help, if needed, but others can be quite harmful.

    Kelly Baggett's Articles

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    ..i wouldnt reccomend plyos like depth jumps and drops for poewerlifters..if you want to get bigger lifts in squat etc. only i wouldnt include jumps or plyos there not very specific

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