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Thread: slow first 200m of season

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    Re: slow first 200m of season

    well finished the last allcomers meet last week with a 21.60 run which is the fastest I have run at this track. I will have to do a bit of traveling now to find other meets and hopefully can put down some good times.

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    Re: slow first 200m of season

    Well I am back to training so far I am steadily progressing still have a lot of work to do. I should open up in a couple weeks for my first 60 meters. Based on practice times it looks like I can dip under 7 seconds we will see!

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    Re: slow first 200m of season

    Good luck with the 60m.

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    Re: slow first 200m of season

    skipped indoor. Opened up the season 2 weeks ago with 11.01 -.1 and 21.87 -1.1 on a soft track so those are good times opened up last year with 22.3. Sitting at 5'9 1/2 and 187, bench 195, clean ?, squats at 250.

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