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Thread: EMS on hamstrings and glutes only ?

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    EMS on hamstrings and glutes only ?

    Is it wise to strength-stim (10x10) only the hamstrings and glutes to help bring them up against the already big and strong Quad ? Or is it better to do all 3 muscles ?

    3 muscle groups is the max I can do and stay consistent, I have a 2 channel device(7500 2nd edition) so adding calves, back and abs will take 4 hours...

    Thanks !

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    I train only ham and glutes because i have strong quad. i don't know if it is bad thing, but i thinkthat if vyou have an imbalance, it work. but 4 hours the total training? or only ems? it looks too long

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    put it on your lagging muscles

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