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Thread: Poll on what supplement companies most of us use?

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    FROST has 5850 but I don't think the second generation will be too much higher. 3-5 grand is enough but I will speak to the big guns for higher scores.

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    I've cut open all my brands of fish oil, and they are all fishy smelling. So, fishy smelling = rancid? Should we stick to refrigerated oils, and expensive versions like OmegaBrite?

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    A lot of good products are available. When I ask my supplement gurus for what is going on the testing is key. But when you ask someone to spend a day or hundreds of dollars to test something I can only go with omegabrite or searslabs. When someone on a board uses their own money (see to evaluate a product then I give them a pat on the back and say thank you. I drive a beat up car and live off of 35 grand....I can't help the community as much.

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    Usana Healthpak
    Usana CoQ10

    ON Whey + NOW Dextrose

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    ON Serious Mass Chocolate since I am trying to gain weight and my multi is Animal Pak.

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    Anyone have any good news on the supplement HMB?

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