I purchased the Vancouver 04 last year and implemented into my track program. I followed the s- l programme exactly as it was shown.
Second track meet of the year I had 4 pull hamstrings and a head coach who ban me from doing that type of workout ever!

I think the injuries had nothing to do with the actual programme , but everything to do how I adminster it. Had a track meet on Sat., practice hard on MON. Tues., and had a track meet on thurs. ENough said!
Now I must say, ALL of my athlete's pr and some even made it to national.

Will this is a brand new year, I thinking of going for a l- s approach since all of my athlete's are 100-400, and the head coach will not let me attempt the same thing last year.

Just wondering if I could get some input on my programme. So, I don't make the same mistake twice.

Monday- accel. work/ 2x 600/strength endurance work.
Tuesday- tempo
Wedesday- relay handoff or some type of recovery work
Thursday- accel. work/2x300/strength endurance work
Friday- tempo

Monday working on SE 1 and Thursday working on SE 2, as season progress both sides will go downward as seen on graph Starting both sides at 80% of max, with a 2% progression every two weeks.

My hurdler's are doing the same programme except for tuesday and thursday which are their hurdling days.