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Thread: Getting back into hurdling....

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    Getting back into hurdling....

    Hello all. I have already posted some of my advice on here but I could do with some.....

    I have taken a few years off track and plan on getting back into this Nov. I was always a hurdler and also found myself running the 100/200 and 4x100 as I had some pretty decent speed. I am a lazy 200m runner - jog the corner and pelt the last 100m and win. Poor drills I know but it works!

    I used to run for a club which I joined too late (as an U17) and they didn't even have a full time hurdles coach so I used it to work on my flat times and I just kept my own technique in check and had the occassional session when he was around.
    I quit due to the fact I found the move from 80m (British Int Hurdles) to Snr 100m as a 19 year old in an U23 class quit tough. My first go over 100m in training really scared me as I just couldn't get it all together. Lack of hurdles coach at the time probably didn't help so I called it quits before County Champs.....
    I also then went to uni and they started digging up the local track to redo it and it was postponed year after year due the awful British weather, so track sat on the back burner because I had no where to train.

    Anyway I've been doing a lot of running these last few years and I haven't actually lost much speed due to the fact I started weightlifting (something I should have done whilst I was still doing track!) and I plan to hit the track in the next few weeks. I have a good fitness base as I have been slamming my poor body round 400m intervals and 3-4 mile runs; I'm so not built for anything over 200m!

    Any suggestions on how to get back into it? I'm not sure if the track I'm gonna be using will have sleds/parachutes etc. so I guess it will just be flat speedwork and hurdles drills.

    And if there are any coaches in So'Cal (CSUF area) who want a challenge for 2 months in the form of a determined Brit let me know as I'll be out there.......if the dean lets me use the track!

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    Specifically on your points, drop the 3-4 mile runs and start doing tempo, as defined by Charlie.

    Stay away from the parachutes, even if available.

    Get as many of Charlie's products as possible from the store -you WON'T regret it!

    Stick with this site, SO MUCH to learn here!

    Get your questions going and members will help you for sure!

    Good luck with your come back!
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit" Aristotle

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    I run the 110HH(15.00 after sophomore year) and the 300H(reigning state champ, 39.93 as a junior). We don't have an indoor season but I plan to enter a meet unattached and run the 55H in late January. I've been doing 3 HI days a week since early November which include hurdles, short speed, and weights. I have not yet begun any Special Endurance. The State meet is in early May BTW. What distance and how many reps should I do for my first SE workout, I was thinking next week? Also should I do my SE work over hurdles at intermediate spacing?

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    anybody have any input?

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