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Thread: ESPN: Bolt would run 3.53 for 40yds (NFL prospect???) LOL...:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyhops
    many world class sprinters would have/ can run 4 flat ish, in the 40y, so wouldnt Bolt run a little faster...a friend of mine has ran 4.0 something, FAT for 40y and hes a 6.60 guy in the 60m. So im sure bolt could break 4 seconds....

    I think you missed the point. This is FAT, with reaction time, etc. If you're talking the real life numbers(10m splits) during the 9.72 or 9.69 race, then Bolt would probably cover the 40 in 4.3x.

    Hell I ran 4.1 for 40y, and I can tell you that i'm no world class sprinter by any means.

    If you subtract reaction time, lets say .150 from 4.35 for example, you now get 4.20. If you subtract the avg .24 for FAT conversions, then now you're at 3.96. Subtract for any random screw ups as far as stopping the watch too soon, and you could be anywhere from 3.5-3.7. So yes, Bolt would probably run under 4.0 for 40y using the methods that some people use to get these 4.2 and under times. But realistically, he's probably in the 4.3 range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.sprint
    If someone interviewed me on ESPN I would be screaming into the phone I would be so excited. He's like ya... it was great when I saw the time on the scoreboard...then he didn't really say anything else. The espn lady is like lets make this clear that you have never raced. She should have also said...lets make it clear - you would never want to race him either.

    If you reverse engineer Trindon's time, it would be in the 4.6 range

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treble
    Using coaches as the clock, he would probably run 3.5

    But with a gun and FAT, he'd be around 4.3
    The NFL does not use a gun and they do not record FAT times. They record hand times. Ask James Smith.

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    Here have fun with this. The NFL also uses turf which is not as fast as a track. Rarely do they use a track to test.

    -.2 right there kids.


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    ironically the only guy that got out better than bolt in beijing was thompson, and that was probably one of the few times that thompson got out first since teamate trindon holliday ran almost evrey race he did, not to mention in practice together. whatever bolt is running for 40 yards, holliday has to be right there with him.


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