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    Quote Originally Posted by UKcheetah View Post
    Charlie's sessions are 2hrs+... do you mean 2h weights session?? And read the debate on Whey vs. Soy and you may be surprised by the theories there (phytoestrogens may compete with the bodies estogen).
    Yes thanks UkCheetah i do mean 2 hour weight sessions. Is that a good thing or a bad thing.
    I saw some of those American Gladiators and they said they pump their muscles for about 5 hours a day, as they have become so customised to weight training from years of practise.
    Ok, i know that a little anabolics goes a long way but is this true or just hype.

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    Yea, 2 hours in the weights room = catabolic hormones...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKcheetah View Post
    Yea, 2 hours in the weights room = catabolic hormones...
    I find it an interesting point as it may not exactly be true: A friend of mine works at the docks, loading and unloading ships all day, mostly heavy lifting. To cut a long story short due to his workload he " exercises " every muscle in his body everyday for about 5 days a week, approx 6 hours a day. The guy is very strong.
    I find it interesting, in that he breaks every rule of hypertrophy and gets away with it. All his mates at the docks are massive as well.
    I also know that the same is true concerning furniture removals. A few guys i know spend all day emptying houses of large pieces of furniture, exercising every muscle every day for hours on end. They are very strong also.
    It's amazing how the human body can adapt.

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