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Thread: The Official Goaltender Thread

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    The Official Goaltender Thread

    I am a ice hockey goaltender and I often feel neglected when it comes to off ice conditioning with my team. This thread is a place to discuss the theory of athletic conditioning and training routines FOR GOALTENDERS, potential differences between a players conditioning routine and a goalies, and anything else that a goalie needs to become faster, stronger, develop fast twitch fibers, flexibility, etc.

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    So lets hear what you've been doing for training.

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    I posted this to gain knowledge of other peoples theories and ideas for goaltenders, but without getting into too much detail I have three weight sessions a week, my typical weight session has three exercises in it, a sample day would be squats,cleans,bench. Circuit training is circuit training, 2 sessions per week, nothing crazy. And 1 track session per week, consisting of short track work aimed at explosiveness (the track sessions are what drew me to this website). I stretch everyday. I have recently purchased stretch to win and the permanent pain cure. I like the yoga work I have done so that is a main stay.
    I purchased a bolla ball for reactivity training and for fun, but I have not used it much yet so i cant comment on it yet.

    Feel free to elaborate on this, I was also hoping this thread could have some theory in it and potential discussion spawning from that.

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    I've been working with a pro goalie for 5 years now and we've been through a ton of stuff. With surgery to a torn labrum in his hip then rehab for that then last year the compensatory issues with that hip not being taken care of during the season and then this year with a surgical repair of a torn tendon sheath in the wrist. Things are never dull.

    I think one of the most important areas to work on are keeping the body balanced. There aren't too many professions where you are working at explosive speeds going to extreme ROM in almost an infinite number of directions on a daily basis. You almost have to be prepared for everything.

    With this in mind, look at the balance of the body and see if it's relatively even bilaterally. There is gonna be some differences for sure, depending on which side you hold your blocker or glove. Pretty much every single goalie I've worked with has a tight pec minor and anterior delt on their blocker side. Actually 100% of them.

    If you want to start somewhere start here. Everything else has to build on a strong foundation. If you don't have that you're just playing with time before an injury occurs. This link below has on page 231 degrees of ROM for the major joints. See if you can have someone give you an assessment or get one done then start from there. Let me know what you find.,M1

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    I did not do your tests however I agree with your comment and I have had a postural analysis done before, and because of a chronic groin injury more then anything else I am working with a chiropractor and massage therapist. I have also done rolfing in the past, I would recommend it to those whose posture is atrocious like mine once was (it is not perfect but is certainly better then it once was).

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