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Thread: plyo question

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    Without his long injury list, this athlete would have been able to do more plyo and especially less afraid to do them.

    At his age there's no way we can change his caracter and for the few years (months?) left in his career, the best is to use the safe way which will be enough to reach, hopefully, our goal for this season.

    Plyo would assist start, accel and top speed development, but his body and mind is saying "no, please!". The current plyo menu he has is enough to keep him out of the medical room, and is however less responible in his slight improvement in his action from starting blocks than the correction of butt-kick like step pattern he had earlier this year.

    As you saw, i ask him to do movements in medicine ball exercises as well as in the gym look faster and more explosive than the other 2 guys, but also does it in less volume per workout than them. He really is a strange fish, coming from middle distance running with little tolerance to high intensity sprints regarding CNS ressources.

    Plyo then serves mainly as a prolongation of the limited sprint work, in order to reach a decent volume of high intensity work, this us maintain moslty for the while year, while for OF, during SPP, it sometimes serves as an alternative for sprint workouts when he has to keep away from it for 1 or 2 workout.


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    I think that's a good analysis of his situation and hopefully the best possible strategy has been followed, bearing in mind his (excessive sometimes) self-protecting mechanism. It's a fine balance though and so far he seems to be doing well (keeping out of trouble, etc) given his training circumstances. I certainly wouldn't push him into anything new/different, when it comes to plyos, as it has always been a small portion of his training plans. I fully agree on the "strange fish" comment, too!

    On another note, three posts from the end you say: "We never used more than 100 contacts, which is for mutli bounds, only done during GPP." Were the 100 contacts or the multi bounds used during GPP? If the latter is true, examples of such multi bounds, please? Thanks!
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    are the bounds mentioned in the above posts alternative leg bounds or double leg bounds?

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