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Thread: How much knee flexion in depth jumps?

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    Would like to see contact more like this [youtube]rZg285rrDv4[/youtube]

    However, this might be a chicken and egg issue... too bad everyone pissed James off on this thread.

    I would question him as to why he studied T in part 2 of his answer if height is all that matters. I would also question how the optimum box height of 29.5" (75cm) applies to guys who are jumping 35.5" (90cm) off a 29.5" (75cm) drop at .235 contact time as well as "everyone" including athletes competing in the same event (ie: dunking) who jump 10" lower and .15 slower from that height (N being way down due to 60% longer contact time). I would also question why he looked at multiple parameters in this study but the advice is simply to test rebound height? Why not look at all variables available like he did? Isn't this kinda like saying the optimum load for 1/4 squats is 500lbs?

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    true a lot less gct but look at the box height mort, give me a 12 inch box and my gct could be that short too...

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    your right, but joels a phenom....i still dont see my ground contact time being too much of a problem if i am reaching PR's and its not .2 seconds..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bball2020
    your right, but joels a phenom....i still dont see my ground contact time being too much of a problem if i am reaching PR's and its not 2 seconds..

    Once again why ask?

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    To discuss the matter respond, is this not what forums exsist for? I do agree with these people, but my goal is not strictly reactivity so i do not feel it is something to worry to much about...
    Again in depends on your goals, if your goal is improved vertical via explosive strength, jumping highest in my opionion(with an optimal gct not overly fast or slow) and I believe the inventor of shock Dr. Verkhoshansky's opinion as well. Nonetheless, maybe my GCT time is slightly slow, anyone time this or is it hard to tell from video(videos are slower)?

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    stay the course....on that note a discussion can be education for all parties involved...his results hopefully will be put up on youtube and we can see how it works and compare it to the other stuff. Mort I have no idea how high that guys actually jumps in the quick GCT super high hip flexor exercise...I'm sure its decent, but that is a completely different exercise. I also think that the 2 foot dunker would train much different than the 1 foot high jumper. The two foot dunker experiences significantly more knee bend in his jumping reps...Those quick GCT and very slight knee bend are directly proportional and I would develop the more general strength jumps ala verkho before those crazy fast GCT just a thought...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bball2020
    James, I enjoy and learn from all your posts both here and at elitefts. It is unfortunate that many people do not appreciate the useful information and insight that you give out basically for free. Taking cheap shots at a person who openly gives out this information and his identity in my opionion is highly disrespectful and not needed. I hope you continue what you do and I can keep learning from you and learn how to "catch fish".

    I totally agree 110%, hes a great guy and would truly be missed if he decide to stop posting.

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    To James Smith:

    Why type like you are writing a dissertation? I swear, you could save yourself an hour a day by making your posts more concise and directly to the point. Your first post in this thread should've just said," Make the depth jump specific to the type of jump in your sport."

    LMAO, i guess I should've read pages 2-5 first. Regardless, my statement stands. And James, if you don't like speaking at the level of the rest of us, get used to being lonely in a S&C field in shambles.

    And as you said yourself, for the people you train, most of those so gifted would have attained their levels of preparation despite their training regime, not necessarily because of it.

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