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Thread: WRCortese5's Training version 2.0

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    Vertical Line Hop 4x20
    Squat Throw x 8
    Push Press Throw x 8
    Box Jump 2x5x38"

    1A.) Deadlift 5x231, 5x287, 13x325
    2A.) Military Press 5x95, 5x105, 5x125
    3A.) BB Bulg SS 3x6/leg (115, 125, 135)

    4A.) Back Ext 3x12+60 lbs.
    4B.) Pikes 3x20

    5A.) Dips/Chin Ups x10 minutes, amap.

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    Sprints 6x10, 4x20, 3x30 (3.7 on one of the 30's)
    OHB Throw x 8, BLF Throw x 8
    Low Pogo Jump 2x10

    1A.) Bench Press 5x185, 5x210, 9x240
    1B.) Pull Ups 3x17
    2A.) Back Squat 5x185, 5x215, 5x240
    2B.) Chin Ups 3x17

    3A.) DB Bench 3x12x90's
    3B.) 1-Arm DB Row 2x12x90, 1x25x90 (per arm)

    4A.) Bar Curl x 8 (85 lbs)
    4B.) Band Pushdown x 15 (Green)
    4C.) Band Pull Apart x 20 (Black)
    *Above circuit done for 10 minutes, I think I got in about 4 rounds.

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    115 lb Bar Complex, 4 rounds:
    Deadlift x6
    Bent Row x6
    Power Clean x6
    Front Squat x6
    Push Press x6
    Back Squat x6
    Rope Skip x100

    -Finished that one in about 16-17 minutes or so.
    -Rested about 5 minutes after wards, then finished up with:

    2A.) Banded KB Swings 5x10x60 lb KB + Red Band (~30-45 seconds rest bt sets)

    3A.) GHD Sit Up 4x10+25 lbs

    Didn't plan on this one, but felt like doing something a little tough/crazy so this was that haha.

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    Felt like lifting heavy today, but had to keep it short. And that I did. I had a loose plan of what I wanted to do, but mainly was by feel and time constraints.

    1A.) Power Clean 6x2 (135x2, 155x2, 177x2, 197x2, 207x2, 217x2)
    2A.) Deadlift 3x4,4,3 (331x4, 375x4, 400x3)
    3A.) Military Press 4x5 (5x95, 5x115, 5x135, 5x150)
    3B.) Weighted Mixed-Grip Pull Ups 4x6, 1xMax Reps (6+50 lbs, 2x6+60 lbs., 6+70 lbs., 1x26xBW)
    4A.) Jump Rope 8x20/10

    Including a warm up and some low intensity jumps/throw before the workout itself, I was done in about 60 minutes.

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    Hello forum, it's been a little while...

    I've been busy with a couple new ventures that take up a majority of my time, so I'll fill you in with what I've been up to lately..

    1.) Graduated from Cal Poly-SLO with a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science in June, 2010.

    2.) Sat (and passed) for CSCS in July, 2010.

    3.) Formed LLC and was approved from state of CA.

    3.) Moved back to Northern California in August, 2010.

    4.) Signed lease for 1,176 sq ft warehouse space in Late September, 2010.

    5.) Got keys to warehouse space October 1st, 2010, biz license approved, zoning permits cleared, all other legal/back-end/paperwork boring stuff taken care of.

    6.) Opened doors to my new strength & conditioning business a couple weeks later!!

    From 1 athlete in October of 2010, to close to 25 now, it gets better and better every month. I've wanted to do this for quite sometime and through a ton of hard work and persistence/patience/handling adversity, I was able to finally make it happen.

    Most of what I have was acquired from either craigslist or eBay; some homemade (sandbags, etc), some new (gifts, online vendors). Had to literally "piece" it together but it's coming along awesome!

    I am a 1-man show for now; I just turned 25 years old and doing what most of my peers from school are not: actually working in their field of study and actually enjoying it!

    I do know for sure that Charlie significantly impacted the way I train and the way I train my athletes and always will. This is really where I began the learning process. No amount of schoolwork could have come close to the education one can find in this forum if they search hard enough.

    Also, I felt a little "lost" and still had the competitive spirit in me, but football and track are no longer in the cards for me (except the annual Alumni full contact football rival game, coming back in November ). This left me needing something to train for. I've always loved the Olympic Lifts but never really have been really coached up in how to do the full lifts properly. Most of what I knew, technique-wise, was from observing many videos, reading articles/books, and practicing them over and over with what I thought was correct.

    I have joined up with a local weightlifting club (40 minutes away) and train twice a week in the mornings. My goal is to compete in my first Weightlifting meet this summer in the 85kg weight class; I currently weigh about 190-191 lbs and am fairly lean.. In only 3 weeks of training for the lifts, I feel better than I have in a long time and I definitely am feeling very like an athlete again.

    My lifts continue to go up and my goal is to clean and jerk 125kg (275 lbs.) and snatch 91kg (200 lbs.) this year, at the same bodyweight. I think it's doable, I have outstanding coaching and a positive mindset about it. It's very refreshing training for something new.

    I'll try to keep this updated as best as I can to keep everyone posted.

    Training from today..

    Snatch Did somewhere between 7-9 sets of 1-3 repetitions, can't remember. Did 65kg for 2 on my last set.
    Split Jerk Again did 6-7 sets of 2-3 repetitions on these, working up to 75kg x 2.
    Front Squat 6x60kg, 5x80kg, 4x90kg, 4x92.5kg, 4x95kg
    Finished up with some lighter assistance work, all 3x10: GHR, Seated Rows, DB Bench Press, Leg Raise.

    My body is still adjusting to this type of training, so all of these numbers are still fairly light and of submaximal intensity. Mainly trying to let the joints adapt before trying to push/pull anything relatively heavy for me, so another 4-6 weeks I should start cranking it up a bit.

    One thing I have learned is it's a constant battle with technical issues/adjustments/corrections and finding the right "spots" or feel, but that's the fun part of training for the lifts.

    OKAY, I'm done rambling. I'm back!

    John Cortese, CSCS
    Owner, CTS Strength & Conditioning

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    Good luck buddy...

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    Thanks RB34!

    Trained today, nothing too crazy.

    Did a bunch of hang power snatches, power cleans, back squats, chin ups, and back extensions. Kept things fairly conservative again, trained at my gym this afternoon.

    Not much worth noting (light weights, working on technique) except for a decent set of weighted chin ups (4 sets total, +50 lbs for 5 reps).

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    Training going well!

    I have either met or broken 7 different PRs over the last few weeks, including:

    Front Squat: 275 lbs x 1
    Snatch: 80kg (176 lbs) x 1
    Snatch PP + Overhead Squat: 90kg (198 lbs) x 2
    Clean & Jerk: 105kg (231 lbs) x 1
    Trap Bar DL: 455 lbs x 1
    Weighted Chin Ups: +80 lbs x 5

    Most if not all of these lifts feel as they still had another 10-20 lbs in the tank so
    Well see how it goes come time to put up or shut up!

    I'm competing in 2 weeks in first oly weightlifting meet in the 85kg (187 lbs) wt class; goals are 85kg Snatch and 114kg Clean and Jerk!

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    Re: WRCortese5's Training version 2.0

    Good to hear! Hope your business and lifts keep going onwards and upwards.

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    Re: WRCortese5's Training version 2.0


    Lifts have definitely improved. As of today, I am at bests of:

    - Snatch: 92kg/202.4 lbs
    - Clean: 120kg/264 lbs
    - Clean & Jerk: 116kg/255 lbs
    - Jerk (from rack): 120kg/264 lbs
    - (High bar, full) Back Squat: 160kg/352 lbs
    - Front Squat: 133kg/292 lbs
    - Clean Deadlift: 182kg/400 lbs

    I am consistently around 180-183 lbs depending on the day. I train 3 days per week, MWF. I have competed in 4 weightlifting meets, the next one coming up April 21. Technique still needs refinement, as anyone who trains with the OLs knows it's an ever going battle with the bar and gravity. Definitely have had a few roadblocks throughout the training process (pulled hamstring back in July, 2011 and had a nasty flu that set me back a while in December). Just gotta keep chippin' away!

    Business is going well, have close to 60 athletes training with us: it's fun and great to be able to see results and transformations happen before your eyes.

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