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Thread: new revolution in athletics : the 400m hurdles indoor

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    new revolution in athletics : the 400m hurdles indoor

    new race created in france with 8 hurdles (2 row of hurdles on each straight line) ran as a 400 meters indoor with 2 bends in lane.

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    Surely, this will create some interesting split data by PJ!
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    a dream come true

    First 400m hurdles indoor race in the UK in Birmingham

    Last saturday in Val de Reuil, Rueben MC COY (50.33) and Sheena TOSTA (56.41) won the races. men's results / women's results

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    Hahahaha, very funny but April 1st is miles away.

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    Man that would have been fun to run, but it could never be a serious event; in my humble opinion.

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