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Thread: Lose weight plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by boldwarrior

    bwaaa - good one. Im lean, now, but not that lean...

    actually, i do follow this a fair bit. Very basic list though. could add
    multi grain bread

    Cut out
    all dairy, well most. Dairy is typically used as a weight gain.... protein drinks can be drinken without milk no worries.
    Drinking calories, other than the protein drinks, ie, soft drinks, juice, milk etc
    deep fried foods
    white bread foods
    do u think it cost more to eat healthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by tamfb
    do u think it cost more to eat healthy
    no way!! Not here anyway. massive cost savings i recon if you eat healthy. unless your eating out all the time?
    i have seen my brothers at times buy $200 worth of "food" and come back with not much. A lot of unhealthy stuff.
    My $200 can feed 5 for a week.

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    Re: Lose weight plan

    Hi tamfb,
    Looks good to me and do increase water intake and drink green tea as it is great to burn fat and lose weight. Avoid beverages, soda and even diet soda and I hope you are doing workout to lose weight quickly and effectively.

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